CPYOs Full Orchestra Programs
*New for 2017-2018 season*



Students who are ready to move from Chamber Orchestra to “Full” will find a perfect home in Campus Orchestra, in the Penn State School of Music.  Campus Orchestra, an orchestra of NON-music majors, rehearses in room 128, Music Building 2 on Tuesday evenings 8pm-9:40pm, for 13 weeks, while Penn State is in session.  The repertoire is comfortably within the ability of our graduating Chamber orchestra students.  We also recommend Campus Orchestra to our younger, less experienced Full orchestra students.  

Campus Orchestra performs 2 concerts a year in Eisenhower Auditorium, each during the last week of classes of the Penn State semester (early December and late April).  Maestro Edelstein, Director of Orchestras at Penn State, is enthusiastic about including CPYO students in this group.  While he oversees the orchestra, rehearsals are led by his Graduate students, Fernanda Lastra and Assad Benraf, who will hear your audition.

For families who may be concerned about the age spread between campus students and CPYO students, we would like to stress that music knows no age boundaries.   NVS musicians range from age 15 to 80!  Music is a universal language, it knows no language barriers or age limits.  It is actually a necessary aspect of musical growth to be surrounded by and exposed to older musicians. 

Be assured that your children will be closely supervised in a rigorous rehearsal environment.  Jon Dexter and/or Fernanda will meet all CPYO students in room 122, MB2, 10 minutes early, to help tune your instruments and accompany you into Campus Orchestra rehearsal.   You will also be assigned a Penn State student mentor, who will make sure you feel comfortable.

Audition requirements:

-Two contrasting pieces in style, tempo and period - of your choice.
-Easy sight-reading.
-There are NO orchestral excerpts requirements.

Auditions will take place the week of Aug 21st-25th at the PSU School of Music, by appointment.

Rehearsals are Tuesday nights 8pm-9:40pm, beginning Aug 29 and ending with the last week of school on the PSU calendar.

The fall semester concert will occur the first week of December at Eisenhower Aud.  The spring concert is at the end of April.


Students who seek rewarding and a more challenging orchestra playing, to discover the great masterpieces of the repertoire such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius Symphonies, Brahms Concertos, pop concerts etc… led by esteemed Maestro Michael Jinbo, will thrive in this wonderful organization.  NVS just celebrated their 50th anniversary.  It is a remarkable community of town-gown musicians of all ages, mixing professionals and amateurs, who are bound by a common passion for music making and an unwavering commitment to the orchestra as family, regardless of age or ability.   

Several CPYO students, individually, have volunteered their playing in NVS over the years, andall found the experience extremely fulfilling, musically and personally.  You will be welcomed with open arms and walk into a fully-formed large symphony orchestra.  NVS musicians who have volunteered in CPYO in the past will be delighted to see you! 

Three other benefits you will enjoy with this option: 

—there is no cost to play in NVS.  We only ask that you make a voluntary tax-deductible gift to NVS to help support their mission (no amount is too small). 

—the other benefit is the rehearsal schedule.  No weekends!  Monday nights 7:30pm to 10pm (not all Mondays), one string sectional per concert on a Tuesday night, and a dress rehearsal depending on the concert day.  Concerts occur in different venues, including Eisenhower Aud., MNMS Auditorium, etc.  

—last but not least, you may claim your participation in NVS as Community Service to satisfy the 20 hours of service State High requires for graduation.

For more detailed information (concert dates, rehearsal schedule) on the 2017-18 season, go to nvs.org.  The 2017-18 season will be announced in August.

Audition requirements:

-Two contrasting pieces in style, tempo and period - of your choice.
-Two orchestral excerpts selected from the upcoming season's repertoire, to be assigned later in the summer.

Auditions will take place in late Aug- early September.


Our third and most demanding option is the Penn State music-majors’ orchestra, PSU Phil, directed by Maestro Edelstein.  PSU Phil rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-6pm, in room 128, Music Building 2, while Penn State is in session, and performs two concerts each semester in Eisenhower Auditorium (4 concerts/year).   CPYO students playing in PSU Phil may earn college credit. 

The course is one credit-hour.  Your high school L.E. counselor will facilitate your enrollment/admission to Penn State as a “high school non-degree” student.  This is a routine process handled for numerous State High students who take Penn State classes every year.   This option is a much greater musical and time commitment.

The cost for Campus Orchestra and/or PSU Philharmonic in one PSU in-state credit-hour. 

Audition requirements:
-Two contrasting pieces in style, tempo and period - of your choice.