Attendance in CPYO

Membership in CPYO is a musical commitment.  It is important for members of any orchestra to appreciate that each and every player is an essential part of a whole, a larger dimension than their own self, just like a successful athletic team cannot function with missing players.

The level of enjoyment, the rewards of each rehearsal and the progress we make weekly depend of every musician's consistency of attendance and on-time arrival.  Each and every member is essential to the success of the ensemble.

Rehearsals are a time for each of you to hear and learn everyone else's parts -- which is why it is so important to attend every rehearsal.  Knowing your own part perfectly does not exempt you from rehearsing because your fellow CPYO musicians need to hear your part and you need to hear theirs.  As per CPYO policy, we do allow for no more than two (2) missed rehearsals per semester with pre-approval by the Music Director.  After 2 or more missed rehearsals, the Music Director may ask the student to play excerpts of his/her part alone, one-on-one to ensure readiness and confidence for the concert.

Concert Attire for Musicians:  ALL BLACK (boys no jackets necessary, just black shirts)

Each member of CPYO must bring a music stand to all rehearsals and concerts. 

Concert Attendance

It is required for both Chamber and Full Orchestra musicians to attend the entire concert.  This shows respect for your fellow musicians and allows you to enjoy the fruits of your musical labor.